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Our rugs are known for their elegant and exceptional designs. We are sure that no one will be able to match the designs that we provide.

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We also have an amazing collection of doormats that will definitely capture also have awesome designs the attention of all the people.

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When it comes to indoor rugs, we are considered to be the best in every aspect. Be it designs, quality, or the price we are a class apart for a reason.

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The outdoor rugs that we offer are durable and will last for a very long time. You can blindly trust us when it comes to quality.


Here’s what our happy customers had to say about us:

This is the best place to get the best quality of rugs. They have an amazing collection they also have awesome designs.

Donna S. Rose

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Antique Rugs

Rugs are the antique worked carpets which comes in the market as different types, textures, designs, and colours. The carpets were woven as a profession by many people and these hand-made carpets are stills sold at high price all over the world and the history of these antique rugs is not just few years older but is thousand years older. The interiors have an exclusive place in the designs of every interior designers. A carpet can create a magical effect in the midst of a sleek minimalist loft or the boring floored buildings. These rugs not only provide texture and colours but also more than just that. These rugs seem as souvenir to the potential travellers.

Some rugs are mentioned below:

antique rugs

Antique Oriental Rugs: This the exquisite form of rugs and not just stuns people by the variety and beauty it offers but also the with the ways of the modern rugs that are utilized in the Oriental motifs and different themes which convey a unique message to everyone who come across the plot of art and is very famous in the Markets of all over Asia. They offer the most elegant presentation of the elements used to form the antiques.

Antique Carpets: Almost all kinds of Antique carpets fall under the type Nazmiyal collection and has variety of unique art formats in the form of these carpets and you can choose amongst such wide available choices as per regional arrangements and prominent motifs. These provide the immense power to people of decorating in the most classic possible manner with the carpets known being best of the old worlds.

prominent motifs

Folk art rugs: These fall under the category most famous for having a personal touch and one can truly connect to the designs of the rugs and instantly might fall in love with the creativity put together. They often establish a story line through sceneries and setting them to more than just pattern-oriented types and hence are one of their kinds. These are known to be often arranged against the background of neutral ones so that the foregrounds of these rugs could appear to be captative of viewer’s attention keenly.

Early Egyptian Coptic Textile: These have a unique value for the mysterious nature they acquire through their patterns and art formats in the rugs. Being created during the early Christian era in Egypt the styles depict the religious scenes where the bold colors were used to convey a sence of bordering while focusing on a larger picture it is trying to depict through other evident amalgamation of bright colors.

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